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Another project built by Canadian teams, the cheese building was finished early April. We hope to have a Canadian cheese maker help us perfect our methods this summer, as soon as we get all the equipment installed.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Closer... and do you want to come to Ukraine next spring?

Scroll down for info about joining our next building project!

Just twenty feet of lines to connect the barn to the's getting closer! Maybe this year, I mean week (its been two years of paperwork). Just look at those shiny electric lines going to the barn and new classroom! Garry says the wire is there waiting for the local electric company to connect the next time they turn off the power for a couple hours for monthly maintenance ...which could even be this week! It will be exciting the next time the power goes off at 10 in the morning until mid-afternoon, normally it just spoils my plans for cooking dinner at noon.

Today, Friday the 17th is the day... power is scheduled to be off from 8 am to 5 pm. Hope to get moved into the new classroom sometime in the next two weeks! and get the milk parlor installed soon! 

Interested in seeing our project for yourself? Come help with a reno in 2016!

side view- there is a separate house behind the red gate
 Next year's building project? Group home,  maybe classrooms? This large building is available on main street near the new house and looks like next year's project. The price is reasonable, but it will definitely need a new roof, and needs to be gutted and rebuilt inside like the group home we did this year. 

We'll need to raise funds, too. I recently updated the CRMF website, the non-profit  that raises money for the trade school project .
interior view through a window

facing the main street in the village
the old kindergarten (preschool)

 The mayor offered to sell us that old kindergarten that John Wiens had wanted to turn into the school, but in the last five years it has not only deteriorated, last year there was a firebug in the village setting vacant houses on fire and that building was the final victim.

 Email Garry if you want to come to Ukraine next spring to help reno! We're looking for leaders and members of building teams for spring (March, April) or even summer (finishing). It will be an experience you'll never forget. Meet and work with the students, and help us change more lives.

Garry says a couple or person would like to come for the summer or a month or two and do maintenance on buildings would be welcome also! 

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