Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wrap-up party...well, lunch at our house

Since I am flying to the US and Canada for the next five weeks,  we had the students for lunch today after morning classes. Garry had them doing some practical things and body scoring cows in the barn this morning.  Afterwards, I gave them the same English test we started with in October, and they did better on it. Except Alina, who didn't answer anything, even though she does know some English now, even if her favorite thing to say is "I don't understand"!

It was also Andrey's birthday today, so I baked a chocolate cake to go with the pizza. We sang Happy birthday in English. The students will find out what they will be doing this summer next week, since they did not get visas to visit Canada. Hopefully the trade school gets some donations so work on the barn remodel can proceed this summer.

Garry dishes out the last pizza

Happy birthday Andrei! (center)

Verinika made her t shirt she's wearing

The back has all the student and teachers' names

Friday, May 10, 2013

Back to class

For the whole month of April the students were doing practicum- working at different farms during the weekdays. The two Maxims were at Vitaly's farm (the big farmer I have posted photos of that farm on the regular blog) the other guys at a farm with 60 cows and the girls and Andrei here at our farm. Vlad worked weekends to make up for his missed work- yes all of our students were back by the end of March.

Now they are back to school few a few weeks before exams- well with all the May holidays, today is the first day Garry and I will see them, the had class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday was Victory Day and we were invited to a picnic with the students, and some of the directors at the pond. Lots of food and games and a hot sun, and even some swimming as you see here. Ev Weins said she enjoyed the family feeling as the students feel free to goof off with Garry.

Alina has fancy hair for the picnic, Katya in red

John Weins cooking the first course (sausages- after games it was chicken)

 Game time - Ev and I were glad we decided to sit in the shade while Garry and John played with the students!

The blind feeding the blind yogurt 

These guys may have been able to see

Garry got a little messy

A water balloon catching game- look out!

This "fight" was staged-  as Verinika punches her teacher

Garry dives in the pond

Nika went in, so the boys had to swim too

Everyone else watching

Verinika spreads her water with hugs of Ev and John