Friday, November 1, 2013

Farm Show in Kiev - Field Trip photos!

We took a field trip with our second year students! Luckily the two of them fit in the back seat of the van with Maria (Masha) our translator, and we had a good drive, stayed overnight in a hotel before spending the day checking out the show. We looked at getting train tickets, but they were sold out for a Thursday night return to Zaporosia, it is a school holiday week in Ukraine.

We arrived before it opened at 9 am

Looking over equipment outdoors before opening

Maria, Max B and Andrey with combine

Can I get one?

Many foreign exhibitors were there- some from China

Max sitting in a tractor

Me with Maria

Andrey trying a John Deere 

Milking the only cow at the show

Max had a couple bags of brochures and pens by the end of the day

Andrey taking photos of a farm model with his phone

Checking out another piece of machinery