Sunday, February 4, 2018

Student update

What are our current and former students up to? Karina and Andrei are both living and working in Dnepro.
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Andrei is doing well in his job as a go-fer at the railroad shop and has a room with wifi in a boarding house. He came out to the village last weekend to visit. Karina is on her fourth job and is living at a dorm for tram workers, we think her latest job is as a cleaner.

Our married couple, Kolya and Oxana seem happy and their apartment is a hangout in the evenings for some of the other students.

Vika is Oxana's older sister

Leila loves cows, real and toy ones. too

Valentina always has a smile or laugh

Leila and Vika and now Valentina who just returned to us last week, are moving into the front apartment as soon as it is fixed up a bit, with fresh paint and cleaning. They and Oxana do the daytime milkings with Yana, with the guys milking on weekends and at night.

The three boys were in the apartment for two years. Nikolai and Sasha have moved into the "new house" with two guys who just arrived Friday, with Anton, the Christian guy who came to learn about farming from a different organization last spring as group home supervisor. He is the night/weekend milking supervisor, too.
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Nikolai had a fall  at the beginning of the new year and spent a couple weeks in the hospital but he is feeling good now, they say he had a cracked skull and he had a bad concussion. He has a girlfriend, the new student Alona.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sittingSasha B is much the same as always, he was excited to learn to drive the bobcat skidsteer, but we don't know who taught him. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, indoorJulia and Dima have been living in separate apartments in Kirvoy Rog with a church organization that sends us some students for the last month or two.  Dima has been working for about three weeks at a heating plant, cleaning. He got it with his invalid status (disability) which he applied for in the fall, Dima has a back or hip that is twisted. The wedding is on for mid-March there. Julia hopes to find work as soon as her paperwork is straightened out. They should achieve their dream of independence.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingIra is living with her family since she left in the summer. We had hoped to see her or Kristina at the wedding in December but they did not make it.

Wait for the next post to meet the new class.