Friday, July 31, 2015

Almost ready to move in...

Since Garry returned last week, the work to finish the new house for the students and group home family has progressed rapidly. New kitchen cabinets and appliances went in this week, tile has been grouted, furniture is being purchased, and they are getting running water going, too I think.

the new group home family of four living in our house in the village for the last month and now there are six new female students living (well sleeping, during the day they are more in the real house) in our summer kitchen (last year's classroom). Garry says the cistern to the house has run dry four days in a row, not just from all the people showering, but because the toilet in the "little house" (summer kitchen) has been left "running" and wasting water.

Kitchen cabinets in the main part of the house

Everybody is working to get it done

Everybody (this is the six year old daughter of the new group home parents)

 Anyway here are some photos Garry sent of the work in progress, he hopes to get everyone moved in next week, I think. I told him I am glad I am still in Canada, since he says its noisy in our house now .

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New students and new house progress

Four new students arrived in the village on Monday, they are staying in the summer kitchen while the the house is finished. Garry hopes to start buying furniture after he arrives Wednesday or maybe on Thursday. There are four more girls and two new guys planning on coming to the school this fall with almost all our students from last year returning for year two. Here are some photos from a week or two ago on the progress they are making while he was gone.
Laminate in bedrooms 

Tiles on the floor of the kitchen area
of the Family side of the house

Rooms are painted and ceilings are in now

Laminate on the family's side living room

Polo is in the house, looks like the main student living area