Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boy's house

Right now there is a new couple at the boys house, the New Hope Center found some orphans to live in the
houses for the winter, and got some new house parents for the boys house. They have a 12 year old daughter, and only one boy there now, but there are four orphans at the girls house. One of the girls wants to come to the trade school next year, most of them are attending the village school.

The unfinished interior of the boys' house addition is getting done now. There will be 3 bedrooms, planning to have 3 boys in each room. The new kitchen/great room will be nice when finished, as you can see in the photos I took this week.

  The bathrooms are getting tiled and ready for use. One bathroom was done last year when the boys were living there during school. There will be 3 bathrooms one for the house parents, and one more near the boys' bedrooms. There will be a private living room in the older part of the house for the house family next to their daughter's bedroom. She attends the village school, there are 5 students in her class . 

 The father has been doing most of the work, with New Hope buying materials. While we were there, more supplies were delivered for the cabinets and stove. Garry helped carry some stuff- in Ukraine the truck delivers stuff, but not into the house!

They seem to enjoy life in the village, they have gotten a dog and some chickens in the shed for eggs, they are getting four eggs a day now, from 11 chickens, but I think I heard that two are roosters, so they won't be laying any eggs.

Garry gave them some corn for the chickens