Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pizza and other things

Today we had the students in for pizza for lunch, they really liked it. Garry had planned a morning in the barn rather than the classroom for the day. He was hoping it would warm up, but it was pretty cold until this afternoon when we were done, it finally got above freezing. The students scored cows on body condition first, than came in a warmed up with some tea and did the quiz that Garry;s translator prepared about the last quiz. The they went out and gave all the cows vitamin injections to practice giving needles. Veronika even successfully gave a cow an IV, I was told.
Last one!

Veronika ready for the barn

Katya and the kitten

Then they came in for the pizza. I made seven and they ate six, one had no onions as requested by Alina- I got a kiss for that- one was spicy and most of them had a piece and liked it. Then they had their English quiz on word order - subject- verb- and the other stuff. Most of them did very well on it. Of course, we are two boys short as they quit last Friday, and left. Rumor has it that they are on their way back. First we heard one had phoned the director  on Tuesday and now maybe both want to come back and finish their certificate. It seems their friends in the city make fun of them for working on a farm. So we will see hopefully before next week. In April they are scheduled to do more work on the farm, instead of having mostly classroom work and then there will be exams in May.