Thursday, November 19, 2015

The container is here!

After eight months in transit, and more than a year in planning, the container has arrived from BC!

Everything in the container was donated or purchased to send to help with the set up of the new trade school barn by CRMF, packed and coordinated by Jack Stephanyk and his friends in BC, who have come with two work teams here in the last couple years.

For more photos of the unloading go to our other blog...

The container itself was donated by the Big Steel Box people. It has been waiting to clear customs in Kiev for months, after being stick in transit for a few weeks after arriving in Poland, where it was unloaded and inspected there, too. Some of the contents disappeared before Garry, Victor and Max went there Monday, after finally getting the phone call from the import company. This was the humanitarian organization import company that was found to work with the company in Canada. Importing this container was the main reason we left Word of Hope and formed Hope for Each as our Ukrainian humanitarian organization, because they were worried about possible problems with it.

Garry and Victor had to negotiate with the company in Kiev about what they would get for the 30% of the cargo promised to them for acting as our agent on Monday. and they got some of everything. Most importantly we got the farm equipment to use for the school farm, and even some stuff for the students, like winter coats, some mattresses and bicycles to ride to work (the girls from the far house need   want to learn how to ride them).

There are students wearing green ski school coats today to class, and we were able to use some stuff for the new Sasha who arrived yesterday. He is an 18 year old orphan and had been living under a bridge and in stairwells in Zaporosia for two years, collecting cardboard to sell (he could make 70 grivna a day doing that.)

Some of the clothes that were in the feed mixer
augurs and a hay elevator will make live easier for the students

tools for the work

Garry is really excited that the table saw made it, it will be so useful for next year's renovation project, there were so many things we could have used one for, but he couldn't even find a decent one to buy. Anyway, we are amazed "the box" finally made it here!  Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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