Saturday, May 23, 2015


Not that anything has really changed from before, but we have spun off "the trade school" from New Hope Center. They will continue to work with orphans in Zaporozhye, but the project in the village now has its own registered Ukrainian humanitarian organization with the name of Hope for Each in English.

Victor was trying to get it registered at an office in Dnepropetrovsk and tried several different names with the word hope in but all were used, so he asked what wasn't and they suggested Hope for Each... we have an official name in Ukrainian and Russian too, but I can't remember them. Our mission statement is about changing the lives of orphans who are in need of... I can't think of the translation, but something like  whose lives need renewal or restoration? through farm work and learning.
I was trying to design a logo, since Maria needs to get more posters printed for the advertising for students for next year. Garry suggested a life saver.

Almost done classes for the semester

Just two more weeks of classes for the students, most of them will stay for the summer and work on the farm and house remodeling project. This week Garry was teaching parts of the udder and foot, so they had a hoof trimming demonstration.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

more fun building with Canadians

After more than two weeks of building with and without teams from Canada, we had a few days of class, and now the students are off for May holidays for the coming week. This means just regular milking shifts and work at home, and so most if them will be away from the village for a few days visiting family or friends.

The students really liked working with the teams and the power tools. Here are  few photos of them at work.

two Kolyas at work

Everyone was nailing, gluing and stapling on the trusses the first days with Jack's team from BC. The girls were getting better at hitting the nails instead of their fingers, although they were frustrated by nails that bent halfway through. Everyone was having some problems with that, the nails  of the best quality.

Julia had hit her thumbnail before the Alberta team came and was proudly showing where it had fallen off and the new one was growing.

Julia hammering away

Julia helped Crystal oil the workbench and cupboards for the shop

The students enjoyed coffee time and eating lunch with the teams at the worksite.
Sasha with Bear

Most of the boys went up to help put the roof on the shop... and no one fell off.

Wilbert with Nikolai

All work and no play... well these boys are never dull!
Valera trying the stilts

Kolya and Valera are hams

insulation masks for Eugene and Nastya

Julia with full protection, she'd dive right in!
 After the insulation, and the electrical and plumbing were in the walls, the drywall was screwed on.
The students were sad to say goodbye

The boys get paid extra for this job, bucketing corn

Sunday a couple students went to Dnepro for church
and were surprised to spend the afternoon with the team

Nikolai target shooting

Julia working again


 Friday May first we invited the group home families to see the new house and shop and eat shislik at one o'clock. Garry, the boys and Nastya worked at sanding drywall until then. Julia and Karina were already off on holidays.

cooking shislik