Monday, February 23, 2015

The new house project

the garden runs along the road

It's the house on the corner of the cobblestone road

Garry tells that wood at the top front of the house is about to
fall off, but it is very large inside, ideal for remodeling 
Here is the house Garry bought to remodel for a third group home for next year's students (likely a second male house, since we get more boys than girls). It will have a similar setup to the other boys home with a small apartment for the family and a large kitchen living area for the students and three bedrooms and bathroom for the guys. We have decided that the idea of having 9 boys in a home is optimistic after this year, so plan on two boys per room.

We take possession of the house on the 15th. The couple we bought it from need to finish remodeling the home they are moving into. We have two groups coming to remodel the house, 8 people from Alberta have their plane tickets bought, and will be here March 21- April 1st. Then a small group from Steinbach led by Roy Enns, plan to come April 14th. Garry has been busy with the dimensions and graph paper and has drawn up some plans already, and will stock up on supplies for building before the teams arrive.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kiev Farm Show

Garry and Maria took the overnight train Wednesday last week with the students who qualified (by not missing work for four weeks) I was still in Hospital so they had a empty bunk. Maria tried to return my tickets but it was so difficult, that they gave up. They went to the Maidan site first and then  the farm show, where Garry bought a fertilizer spreader, and a new hoof trimming wheel. Afterwards Maria had planned a series of events to keep them busy until the train departed from Kiev at 11:30 pm. Here are some photos.

on the train

at Maidan site Karina

Kolya, Yulia, Garry front Karina Simeon behind

Julia with the girl dressed as a cow at the show

on the subway

walking downtown Kiev

KFC for dinner