Friday, May 12, 2017

New Bees

Removing the frames from a transport box
The stars of the show yesterday were the bees, Victor had ordered some new hives - five queens and their entourages had been delivered and he brought them out from Dnepro yesterday morning. Garry assisted and some of the students and Maria watched as classes had just finished for the day- year really- they just finished a last review of the year's material, For the summer there will only be class on Mondays.

The students stayed pretty far away
Each set of bees had to be removed from their transport box and put into their new home. One set went into the empty box, we lost one hive over the winter. Four went into the nice new boxes that Peter made (and Marcie painted) when he and the rest of the team were here.

One of the students said they got stung, but it may have been an excuse because then they were able to leave and no one yelled. I wasn't dressed up in the bee suits and took the photos about six feet away. Victor only got stung once, and he said it was his fault because he pushed the bee with his finger when it was in the way.

do you see the queen?

Every box got one new frame to build honeycomb on, besides the ones they came in covered with bees. Garry and Victor would try to spot the queen as he pulled them out and then placed them in the new boxes. It took a couple hours to get them all settled into their new homes.

This doubles the number of hives, and we hope to get more this summer, maybe split some hives that are larger, or find a stray hive looking for a home.

Monday, May 8, 2017

New video link and crop class

There is a new video featuring the first year students, it was a little too big to upload here,since its the whole year in 4 minutes so here's a link to the hopeforeach facebook page- don't worry, I think you can see it even if you don't use facebook. click here-  hopeforeach video

For a little piece of what they did today Garry, Maria and the first year students in the field today in a super speed 70 second crop class!