Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Progress on the barn

Friday painting 
 Work progresses daily but slowly on the barn as compared to when the teams was here. Last week the guys painted the inside of the addition. This week Garry laid out the division of the rooms inside. He hopes to get his brother John to work on the bathrooms after he arrives on Sunday for two weeks.

He was working on the soffit with Victor this afternoon when I came over to take photos, and they started bricking up the excess doors..


Maria looking over the layout from the new classroom space

The new dad was working on laying bricks
Maria and Garry are looking for bred (pregnant) heifers to buy to go in the new barn. They will be ready to calve and milk in the fall. He wants to find 50% Holstein ones.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Work is progressing on the barn

 Since the team left the village guys have been working on finishing the barn, they did more cement work and so the freestalls have all been bolted together. Yesterday they were working on putting more screws into the wood in the addition on the barn the future classroom and milkhouse.

Garry had been looking for the book with the plan for the milkhouse room in, it turned out Maria had taken it because she was using it for something in the front, while the floor plan was in the back of the book. Notebooks here that the students use are usually not lined paper but graph paper, so perfect for drawing plans in!

Garry went over to check out how things were going yesterday before lunch, and told them to use less screws...today they have a problem with putting the rest for the screws in the walls, they never brought the tools back to recharge... it will get done eventually.

Garry checking out the ceiling

Maybe they could have used less screws?

Maria is busy with updating the websites and information for the trade school and sending information out to different organizations to find students for the fall.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big progress on the trade school barn

 We had a wonderful work team from BC (Canada) here for a week and wow, what a lot got done!
The team and the Ukrainians working on the barn 

They worked on finishing this floor until 2 am !

they built roof trusses
 They built an addition onto the old collective barn which will house the milk house, a classroom, bathrooms, showers and change rooms for students to use when working at the barn.

Got ready to install the freestalls

pouring cement for the milk parlor 

They built and painted  and installed new vents for the ceiling
day one