Saturday, February 16, 2013

February for the trade school

This month the students are working, taking turns getting milking experience in our barn with Yana. Garry was up early and in bed late the first week, training them as they worked, but now they just come and do their thing, and then come in and use our shower, at least most of them have been showering in our bathroom and leaving their dirty barn clothes in bags in the arch room or Andrei's room, where they change.
Alina putting on one of her first milkers- more photos on the other blog

Andrei has missed out on his turns as he has been visiting the hospital in Zaporozhye (that's how spell check wants it, its the way it is spelled on signs in English, but I can not see why they pronounce it Za-por-rose-ya) to get his shoulder checked out, he hurt it sledding while we were in Canada, and they operated on Tuesday afternoon. He is supposed to be in hospital for ten days.

Since our big outing for the month was Tuesday evening to Thursday morning when we took the train to Kiev and visited a farm show with the students he missed out on it too. The students enjoyed the excursion, after the show, which they found impressive, was over we did some sightseeing, riding the Metro (subway) and walking in a downtown park, before getting some dinner, and walking some more before going back to the train station for our 11pm train back to Dnepropetroesk. Everyone returned with us .... so a successful outing! Just joking, here are some photos. Some got out of order while loading, we are still having internet problems...
Wednesday morning 7:20 am we arrive in Kiev

Breakfast at Mc Donalds mmmn ice cream

Deciding which train to take in the subway

Walking from the Metro to the show

photo taking was popular at the show

The whole gang as we arrived at the show - except Yana who took the photo

Maxim K - they loved the big equipment

There was snow in Kiev! and snowballs

Foggy in the park - it was big park, we walked and walked...

Alina throwing snowballs

We walked up to one of the famouse churches in Kiev after dinner

The doors are still open...some of them

Inside the museum

Hello down there! They climbed the bell tower

Vera the school director came with us

This should be last! Back in Dnepro Thursday morning

We rode down the inclined railway to the Metro 

one of the bells