Thursday, August 15, 2013

Student update

One of our students from the trade school Veranika was baptized in the  Dniper River on Sunday in Zaporosia. As you can see in the photos the river was very green.

Veranika has been attending John Wiens' church there. She is working at the gas station on the highway this summer, inside selling hotdogs. Nika plans to take the entrance exams next spring for university to become a veterinarian.

Some of the other students were there on Sunday, Alina, Vlad (Vadim) and Max Boradim, all came in our van from the village, and we picked up Nika and her mother on the highway near their village (remember Nika was one of our non-orphan students)
Vlad and Max B in the back, Nika's mother Alina (hiding her face) and Nika
Alina worked on our farm for a month, until it was our turn to herd the village cows. She is back with her brothers in the next village. Maxim Boradim and Andrey are working here on the farm this summer and staying in our house.

Vlad and Sasha (Alex) are living in Zaporosia, and also Katya, who is going to go to a trade school to be a salesgirl next year. Maxim Korabel is working on the farm where he did his work experience, mostly driving tractor.