Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fun with the students

One thing we like to do is get the students involved with the Canadian work teams, normally this means working with some of the students on the build, which happened this year.

However, we planned a few activities to get to know everyone, like birthday cake and introductions on the first night the team arrived - Kolya was 25 that day-

I'd like to thank some of our donors from Manitoba, like Creative Print-All in Steinbach who generously designed and printed 50 T-shirts for us.

The students (and staff) are thrilled to wear them, as you can see they have our name Hope for Each in both English and Russian.

We also had game night one evening, a big thanks to Janzen's Paint in Steinbach for the wonderful donation of games, the students really enjoyed playing Dutch Blitz, Jenga and Twister that night with some of the team. Really want to thank the young guys from BC who played Dutch Blitz and Roy who held down the UNO table.

 We also joined the students for Saturday evening church at the school building. We sang in English and they sang in Ukrainian and Russian.

After the message Jack lead us all in a song in Russian with a borrowed guitar and the students sang Jesus Loves Me in English.

Old and new shoes together
Another big donation from Manitoba was from Source for Sports in Steinbach who donated athletic shoes again this year, all the students and a couple kids who helped work on the building (it was spring break in the village) got new shoes. A couple of the older students (the grads) are still wearing the ones they received two years ago, but were excited to get new good shoes to wear to the city!

 Thanks to Farrel at La Broquerie Lumber, his donations included the caps that were a big hit with both the girls and guys.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The cheese building building project

Some of the teams, students and staff 
Watch for further updates as we finish getting the equipment and start making cheese this year. The video starts with the students helping take apart the shed on the site, pouring cement, and then the arrival of our ten person building team, half from BC, half from Manitoba, and the week both worked and a little more finish work by the Steinbach team, who stayed longer.