Saturday, August 27, 2016


At the "new" girls house, peeling potatoes and chopping dill
What do the students do all summer? Well, the boys and Karina have been doing some extra work during hay and straw making time (they do get a bonus in pay for this, if you wonder). All the students work in the barn helping with milking about 5 times a week each, when they are in the village and they help out with household chores and gardening at their houses. Sometimes they help Victor with the bee hives, too.

Helping with the frames for the hives, they were putting in new wire
 Often the students head to the pond for a swim around 5 pm, and we have had a few hot dog roasts there this summer, in July we had marshmallows, too.

 Many of our students have been away for a week or two this summer visiting friends and family, mostly more distant relatives, or foster families, but  Ira spent two weeks with her mother and siblings in July.

In the middle of August, while we were in Canada, most of the students and group home families were away for a week of church camp near the sea.